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Mav Kuhn Testimonials

Mav Kuhn’s services are characterised by quick response times, attention to detail and thoroughness. Mav has assisted me in numerous writings for my PhD dissertation in Industrial Engineering, a book I wrote on the Epistles of Seneca, the Roman Stoic philosopher, and for several professional blog entries I published as an ICT professional. Mav’s diligence and accuracy made it easy for me to achieve deadlines with limited rework on my writing. Going further than just grammar checking, I received from her suggestions on how to improve the flow of my writing and the overall composition of some of its facets in order to improve overall readability. Mav always impresses me with the degree of flexibility she has to adapt her comments and suggestions to my personal writing style and preferences and add value to my writing even on very specialised topics. Since my native language is not English there are always small nuances that can be corrected and improved in order to make my writing more appealing to an informed English audience. I would gladly and with confidence recommend Mav’s services as a proofreader, ghostwriter and translator to my friends and business associates.
Jurgens Pieterse (Management Information Systems Manager)

Mav Kuhn has proofread for me for the last 13 years and there is nobody else I would trust so implicitly to check my writing.
She has looked at BA essays and a thesis and a Masters’ dissertation, along with job applications and cover letters. Her feedback has always been accurate, encouraging and delivered promptly with a real eye for detail and flair for language.
Quite simply, I wouldn’t use anybody else.
Lisa G. (Production Editor/Assistant Editor, Visual Culture)

[Original German from Heike Kark-Beike]
Ich kenne Mav Kuhn seit einigen Jahren und sie unterstützt mich seit dieser Zeit ebenso kompetent wie einfühlsam bei der Übersetzung meiner Internetseiten und meiner 3 online shops. Mav schafft es immer einen guten Mittelweg bei den Übersetzungen zu finden, so dass sowohl meine Englischen sowie auch meine Amerikanischen Kunden angesprochen werden. Und dieser Spagat “beide” Sprachen bei einer Kleidungsbeschreibung “unter einen Hut” zu bekommen ist wirklich alles andere als einfach.
Mit ihrer Hilfe habe ich meine internationale Webpräsenz ausbauen können.
Die Zusammenarbeit mit Mav Kuhn ist ebenso freundschaftlich locker wie kompetent und zeichnet sich zudem durch ihr hohes Mass an Zuverlässigkeit aus.
Dazu kommt auch noch, dass Mavs Deutsch absolut perfekt ist und es daher für mich noch einfacher ist, meine Wünsche und Vorstellungen mit ihr durchzusprechen.
Ich kann die Zusammenarbeit mit Mav Kuhn mit voller Überzeugung weiterempfehlen und möchte sie nicht mehr missen.

[English translation by Mav Kuhn]
I have known Mav Kuhn for several years and during this time she has supported me both competently and with sensitivity in the translation of my web pages and for my 3 online shops. Mav always manages to find a good middle ground in her translations so that my texts appeal both to my English and American customers. And it is certainly anything but easy to reconcile this balancing act of “both” languages when it comes to descriptions and terms for clothing.
With her help I have been able to expand my international online presence.
Mav Kuhn is both friendly and easy to work with and she is exceptionally reliable.
In addition, I must mention that Mav’s German is absolutely perfect, which means it is a lot easier for me to discuss my wishes and ideas with her.
I can recommend working with Mav Kuhn with complete conviction and wouldn’t do without her!
Heike Kark-Beike

I have worked with Mav and can whole-heartedly say she is genuine, hard working, and dedicated to her work. Her helpful and insightful way of working meant that I got the results I wanted – professionally written work that was still true to my personality, my needs and values!
Laura Wake (Integrative Nutrition Health Coach)



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