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I am a Creativity Coach, Artist, Writer and Translator (German to English) based in the UK.

Throughout my life I have been involved in writing, blogging, translating, textile arts and art therapy. I believe that Creativity is the missing food group, and that in order to attain holistic health, one must ensure an outlet for Creative Expression.

I am a great advocate for self-care, looking after mind, body and soul – a holistic approach. Initially to support my own health journey, I began studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, based in New York. After qualifying as an INHC, I dabbled a little in coaching clients around their health. But every time I spoke with a client or potential client, I found myself drawn to asking about their creative health: do you have effective ways to express yourself? Do you feel heard? Is your day filled with meaning? Do you have a dream you wish to fulfil? If yes, what’s stopping you?

Leaning on writing and blogging experience from the last ten years, I began to write articles on exploring creativity as the missing “food group”, embracing predominantly writing and art. I also deal with broader creative topics ranging from coping with criticism to developing your creative identity (e.g. feeling comfortable with saying “I *am* an artist”, rather than hiding behind, “I do a bit of painting”)!

Later, I become a Creativity Coach studying with the great Eric Maisel. Now, through my blogging I hope to provide tools and resources that can help you, as a creative being (and we ALL have creative bones!) to unstick your talents and enrich your life with the healing, happy balm that is CREATIVITY!

Where I’ve been featured!

My written work has been promoted on by Veganism Top News
and my articles have been featured in the following online newspapers:

Holistic Health News
The Raw Veganista
The Bullying Recovery Times
The Beat The Winter Blues Daily
Just Believe with Lisa Tarves
Online Book Marketing – Book Marketing and Publishing News


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