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About MavK – Artist

Anti-Selfie by MavK

MavK is a textile artist based in the UK working with special focus on dry needle felting and freestyle embroidery including seed beading. She is self-taught and as such identifies as an “Outsider Artist”. MavK expresses this by straddling the oft-disputed gap between craft and art, and also by touching on subjects that are at times considered “fringe” and off the mainstream.

Her influences include Franz Marc, Hundertwasser, George Grosz and artists of the 1920s and ’30s “Russian Movement”.

MavK works organically with an eye on the process rather than the product. A piece might begin with an idea and progress organically, twisting and turning into something entirely different. Other pieces begin merely with a combination of colours and the art is allowed to develop by feel and intuition from there. MavK’s art is always multi-layered frequently including social commentary on wo/man’s relationship to wo/man and especially on humanity’s relationship to planet Earth.

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